Lily Trotters: where birds of ALL feathers, flock together.

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Lily Trotters Ambassadors NZ - aka FLOCK NZ -  is a diverse group of #unstoppable people of all ages, races, genders and body shapes.

A mix of elite athletes and weekend warriors from any sport. Influencers, adventurers, healthcare workers, mums, dads - all active people who wear Lily Trotters Compression to help themselves live their best life.

Our NZ FLOCK is not afraid to get their hands (or feet) dirty and they love looking good while doing it!


Hi, I'm Sarah-Jane, from the town of Palmerston North, where I live with my husband and our cheeky cat, Annabell.

I'm passionate about mental health and all round well-being after experiencing burnout in 2011. 

I love the health benefits my Lily Trotters provide as I have a fairly sedentary job as an accounting contractor. Most days you'll find me on a walkway rocking a colourful matchy matchy ensemble for my daily walk. I find the colours are a great mood lifter and often help me to get out of the house on cold/rainy days.

You can follow me on Instagram @essiejanebell

Hi I'm Michelle!

A Gizzy gal who loves to adventure! I have two active, crazy little boys Jakob & Mason, and a hunting mad hubby. We own a honey company & a fitness business. I run group fitness classes, organise a Trail Run series, do one on one personal training & have recently started working in Oncology Wellness.

I feel so blessed that I get to do what I love daily! I'm training for a marathon in the Petra Desert next month & the Coast 2 Coast Multisport Race. These days I just love getting out in the elements for adventures with my tribe. I used to be a full time athlete competing in Triathlons & Cycling. My sport has taken me all around the World, competing in World Championships, Commonwealth & Olympic Games.

I am stoked to be representing this amazing brand & to be a part of Lily Trotters - Flock NZ. 

You can follow me @thecardiocoach on facebook


Kia ora, I’m Heather, from Wellington. I love to run trails and hills, whether it’s with friends or my dog Astro. And I’m a big fan of the uplifting power of bright activewear.

Ultramarathons are my jam – the longer and tougher, the better! Endurance running has helped me push boundaries, develop resilience and nurture my mental health and wellbeing. We are capable of more than we think.

I’m excited to join the Flock. I wear Lily Trotters while running (they look great with skirts) and for recovery. My legs definitely thank me for it. Plus, I love the funky colours and patterns. Why blend in when you can stand out? Embrace your fabulous, vibrant self… life’s too short to wear things that don’t bring you joy.

Follow my colourful adventures on Instagram @heatherwgtn 

Kia ora, I'm JJ from Porirua, Wellington, where I live with my hubstar.

I lead an active and healthy lifestyle which I enjoy and it’s just the way I roll. You’ll often see me swimming, biking, running road and trails with trail being the fave. You may also see me climbing and dancing around a pole, and spinning in a lyra hoop and then there’s the partner acro antics I get up to all which I love to do.

Super stoked and blessed to join the Lily Trotters - Flock NZ Whānau. I’ve been wearing Lily Trotters for around a couple years and totes love them. I wear them for pretty much everything I do these days. I even often wear them to bed. Loads of reasons to love them…not only are they a good compression sock, they have a awesome colour and pattern range, super comfy and they support diversity with their pride range…..they’ll even brighten up your day.


Come follow me over at Instagram @nzshajas


Kia ora! My name is Maria and I'm based in Christchurch, where I live with my fella, stepson & rascally cat.

Five years ago I sustained a head injury whilst snowboarding which changed my life completely. I went from training for my first marathon to only being able to manage short walks.

While my active lifestyle will never quite be the same I am so thrilled to finally be back running, albeit at a much slower pace and only when my body allows it. I love getting out in the Port Hills with my fella and my goal this year is to complete the Crater Rim 21km Ultra. I am also a regular volunteer and sometimes runner at Hagley parkrun and this year stepped into the Run Director role. 

I started wearing Lily Trotters after pulling a calf muscle in January. My physio gave me an ugly beige compression sock to wear and I decided that I could do better! I find them so helpful in holding my niggly calf in place as well as overall leg health. Bye bye restless leg syndrome at night! I love the bright colours and firmly believe that the first things you put on each day should be colourful.

I am so stoked to be part of the Flock NZ and repping the coolest socks ever!


You can follow me on instagram @kiwi.ree


Hey I'm Rosie Roams, an untamed adventurer & wild woman of the mountains.

You're most likely to find me yahooing out roaming on the trails, running ultras, fastpacking & discovering incredible places. Crampons & an ice axe in hand, crawling over a timing mat in an 100 miler ultra, on crutches from my latest antics, under waterfalls in winter, in a bivvy bag next to a mountain tarn, dancing on ridge tops, naked handstands on mountain summits or doing mum life of 5 kids.

My passion is encouraging people out of their comforts zones & into the magic zone. To adventure & connect with the earth & do epic shit! And to never ever give up! 

My gear needs to perform during epic missions high in the mountains, cos my life & survival often depends on it. Lily Trotter Compression Socks are the shiz. Not only do they look badass AF, with a side of princess, they laugh at rocks, cuddle your calves, & keep u banging all day! Your legs hate ya for the abuse but love you for doing it in these epic socks!


Come adventure and do epic shit with me in badass sox on instagram @rosie__roams

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Hey it's Mark a.k.a (Mr Tailwind Nutrition NZ

So a lot of you know me for my chicken legs, and I LOVE bringing colour to the trails, so my first question was, 'Why can't men wear these?'

So it seemed fitting that I become part of the 'flock' here in NZ.


I run and train in my Lily Trotters ALL THE TIME!! The quality is top class and I don't end up with blisters or holes in my socks after a few missions.

Personally I love what the brand stands for and believe we either see or experience enough negativity in this world, so to set up your day with a positive vibe and dynamic COLOUR is my daily medicine.

PRIDE crews and OTC's are my go to style.

It's simple really. The colour, how they make my legs & feet feel AND recover, what they stand for, and how cool they make me look!

Mark D

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