Compression for Performance & Recovery


Finally! Stylish high-performance compression socks and sleeves for women ( and men! ) that keep you ready for whatever the day throws your way.

Marathon-strong and designer inspired, you get fit, comfort and style

Get ready to look beautiful, and feel unstoppable as you attack your busy day. Whether you’re running a marathon or a mile, standing all day or sitting through a long flight, there’s compression for your every need at
Lily Trotters.

Made (with love) and built for the long run in the USA.

Size for OTC ( Over the Calf ) Socks/Sleeves is determined by calf measurement at it's widest point:

S/M = 11in - 14in

L/XL = 14in +

Size for Crew Socks is determined by your shoe size:

S/M = 7 - 10

L/XL = 10 - 13

Lily Trotters are also available at:
Further Faster |57A Buchan Street | Sydenham |Christchurch
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Who We Are

Be Unstoppable: Lily Trotters compression socks for everyone.


Everyone wants that push…the extra bit of energy to take on one last hill, one last meeting or one last errand. What if a beautiful pair of socks could help you power through your day? When we came up with the idea for Lily Trotters in 2012, we knew we were on to something life-changing, and we couldn’t wait to share our concept of designer, marathon-strong women’s compression socks.

After two years of countless conversations that ended in “sorry, this can’t be done,” we began manufacturing our stylish, carefully-crafted and comfortable compression socks here in the USA.

These days, we continue fast down the trail in front of us, showing women how compression socks made just for them can help them feel better in all parts of their daily lives.