Freshly baked, keto friendly and delivering a guilt free, yet smart snacking solution. Our Raspberry White Choc Keto Friendly Protein cookie is a soft baked, light and velvety cookie with summery Raspberry flavours and creamy white choc chips that melt on your mouth. This cookie has extremely low carbs, just 1.6g per serve. Each 60g serve contains 16.9g of protein. That is 34% of you DI protein needs.

It is made with no wheat and gluten, just pure almond meal as its based for added nutrition. Another benefit is it is high in fibre, delivering you 21% DI of your fibre needs, plus it's  high in calcium, delivering 28% RDI of your calcium needs per serve. Made with no added sugar, this beauty will keep you fuller for longer, making it your perfect on-the-go & guilt free snack.

Long shelf life for the essential pantry item.


Proudly made in New Zealand.

● Ultra Low-Carb

● High Protein

● Made With Pure Almond Meal & No Wheat Flour Used

● No Added Sugar

● Made In New Zealand


● Protein: 16.1 g

● Fat: 13.1 g

● Carbohydrate: 1.1 g

● Sugars 0.8g

●. Fibre 20% DI

● Calcium 27% RDI

Keto Friendly Raspberry White Choc Protein Cookie