Meet the 022 Team:

Michelle Tomlin

Kia ora koutou! 

I'm Michelle, based in the MIGHTY Manawatu with a mountain bike crazy husband and two teens. I'm a lover of trail running and adventure - the muddier the better! I thoroughly enjoy getting off the beaten track and discovering what our beautiful country has to offer. I'm also often found running with various local groups and participating in trail running events, and yes, I am usually the one posing for a selfie, haha! I'm all for sharing running stories, supporting others on their own journey, and celebrating success big or small!


Check me out on instagram @x_shell_r8n

Michelle Rennie


Hey my name's Michelle Rennie from lil old Gizzy. I'm a mother of two busy boys, a fitness trainer, the wife of a beekeeper, a crazy trail loving outdoor gal! In a previous life I was a full time athlete competing for Cycling at the Olympics Games. These days my biggest passion is empowering others to be healthy & active. I run a fitness business called 'The Cardio Coach' where I get to do what I love & love what I do everyday. I use Tailwind nutrition to fuel my body when running & just love it. I am super stoked to be part of the 022 ambassador program. Bring it on!!

Find me on FB under The Cardio Coach

Lewis Marama


Hi all. I'm Lewis Marama. I'm a 44 year old IT professional and father of 2 boys based in Palmerston North,

I started running in January 2018 as a way to help with my mental health and to lose weight.  I have fully embraced the running ethos and love getting out there.Trails are where you will usually find me as I love the peace and connecting with nature as well as the time spent with my running family. 

I'm passionate about mental health, dabble in home brewing and love a good craft beer and conversations with friends. 

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook under @fat_dad_to_50k

See you on the trails!

Taye Pugh


Hi my name is Taye Pugh. I am married and a father to two young girls.

I live in Christchurch where I work as a Police Officer. 

I enjoy a cold beer, a good yarn and love a good dad joke.

5 years ago I discovered the joy of trail running. Since then I have competed in numerous events, the enjoyment of training and discovering new tracks and trails in our amazing country keeps me always searching for the next challenge.  

Through my passion for the outdoors my hope is that it inspires my children and anyone else that I come into contact with, to live a more balanced and active life.


Super stoked to be an Ambassador for 022.


Find me on insta #TayePugh

Cindy Matthews


Hi I'm Cindy, from the winterless north. I'm mum to 2 grown girls and wife to a busy chippy plus we're paintball field owners! My running journey started back in 2013/2014 with running the New York Marathon. I'm not biased, I equally love road AND trail events and you'll usually find me at the back of the pack getting my monies worth. Tailwind has been my saviour on those long days out and I'm pretty proud of my Lily Trotters collection. I'm proud to be repping the over 50's and to be an ambassador for 022.


Check me out on insta @chubby_mum_runs  

Sean McWilliams


Hey folks,

My name's Sean and I'm a science-teaching, trail-running dad of 2 from Rotorua. I'm lucky enough to live in an absolute paradise for outdoors action, and with Whakarewarewa Forest right on our doorstep you'll most likely spot me on two feet (or flat on my face!), somewhere out there. I've always loved being in the outdoors, but a busy life in the big city lead to a bit of a disconnect; discovering trail running a few years ago has reignited this love, and enabled me to see parts of our beautiful country that I might not have otherwise. I'm also have the good fortune to have two healthy, energetic kids who love being in the forest as well. I'm really looking forward to working with the 022 crew; I've been using their products (mainly Tailwind and Goodr) for a few years now, and not only do they supply great brands they also have a great outlook and are hugely supportive of so many great events and individuals in Aotearoa.

See you out there!

Conner Harding 


Hi, my name is Conner Harding and I like to run long distances out in the mountains. I am from the Northwest part of England and now live in Queenstown NZ. I've run a couple of marathons, and several ultras, ranging from 50km to 100km. My full time job is as a landscaper/gardener.
My favourite things to do in life are running, boxing and making sports documentaries, I also do a running club down at my local gym. We have a solid community down there, consisting of a bunch of people who like to get after it! My life is extremely busy and full on, but I absolutely love it that way!

I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some amazing people who share the same passion and enthusiasm towards life as I do. Once a year for the last couple of years now I've sat a 10 day silent meditation course which is one of the most challenging things I've ever done but has given me some of the best benefits mentally and spiritually. I've always been a simple guy, kind of minimilistic really and also mindful of the things I put into my body, so as soon as I started using Tailwind it was a massive game changer! I loved the fact that I could sustain myself without having to carry extra food or nutrition and the ingredients are clean, which eliminates all the worrying and guess work as to what works and what doesn't. The vanilla Rebuild Recovery drink is my favourite and sometimes I train because I know that when I'm done, then I can reward myself with a recovery drink, they really are that nice! I literally don't go to far without having Tailwind with me due to my active lifestyle. It really has made a big difference in my training, races and my lifestyle. I just get up fill up my water bottles and add some Tailwind and I'm off out in the mountains all day with no worries because I know that my body is getting all the things it needs. If any of you are ever in Queenstown, hit me up or head to the trails/mountains and no doubt I'll be there.

Enjoy life, celebrate your existence and move your body. We are not here for a long time but but a good time so make the most of it, get outside and explore. 

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