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After working out, what do you do with your sweaty and wet clothes? Stick them by your shoes or other clean clothes? Negative....try our velcro secured, removable, interior bags.

The outside shell uses a ballistic nylon that was originally designed to protect WWII fighter pilots from flying shrapnel. It's strong, very strong. It also is resistant to high heat, 356F to soften, 410F to melt. Irrelevant info I know, but it's tough, we're proud of that.

Most gym bags and triathlon bags are too small, we made ours roughly 20% to 30% larger than normal. The removable shoe compartment doubles as a changing mat. The removable large bag is for wet clothes, and the small bag is for toiletries. A vibrant orange interior makes finding your stuff a breeze and the four exterior pockets are designed for function and clean lines. 

As seen in Men's Journal, "The Only Gym Bag You Need".

  • Removable Dirty Clothes and Essentials Bag
  • Removable Shoe Bag / Changing Mat
  • Heavy Duty Materials and Metal Hardware

The Modular Gym Bag

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