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Have you ever changed from your work clothes to workout clothes and wished your towel would stay on? Or have you thought about how nice it would be to keep that clean car seat sweat free post workout?

The Transition Wrap is a multipurpose changing towel and seat cover to fix this very problem. Just zip up the removable hoodie and slip over your headrest for a secure mount to your seat post workout. When you're ready to change from work clothes to workout clothes at the local trail, just secure the belt around your waist and the towel will stay put! It’s machine washable, built to last a very long time, and comes in a bunch of fun colors too. 

  • SECURELY CHANGE - An adjustable belt with a secure clip makes this easy!
  • PROTECT YOUR SEAT - Zip up the integrated hoodie pocket and slip over head rest. 
  • PERFECT AS A TOWEL - Works great for this too! 
  • PROTECT YOUR SEAT FROM SWEATY FRIENDS - Their funk is best left on this, not your seat. 


Transition & Seat Wrap

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